ajhs is an emerging technology boutique that thrives in uncertainty.

We work with individuals and institutions with a goal to provide the guidance, connection, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Alexander Steffen

about ajhs legal

I provide tailor-made legal services for entrepreneurs that desire a partner, not a vendor.

In other words, I provide a variety of legal services, including corporate, commercial, contracts, in addition to being an intermediary to a suite of partners at the client's disposal. This includes, at no extra cost to the client, established experts in venture capital sourcing, tax law, offshore banking, and litigation.

Alex's legal services are designed and build for an idiosyncratic entrepreneur who desires work with a long-term partner and has unique needs. The future holds boundless opportunities and we do not hold the past as a limit to what can be done.
Creative thinking, innovation, and a little bit of hustle is in our core. We embrace the future.

Based out of Toronto and Montréal, he is always looking for the next 'big thing'.

ajhs legal
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